Jerry Breen, Founder & CEO

“If you look at your life and aging as a flight plan physically, sexually and cognitively, you will find you ascend around 40 something, level off at 50ish, and start descending in your 60’s. Depending on your DNA, activity and nutrition, your rate of descent varies.

Because I lead a highly active physical life with good nutrition, I thought my testosterone would follow my slow aging process. I procrastinated and was in denial, thinking I am better than others my age. However, I found, you cannot beat nature on your own. Thus b:Rare was born.

At 63 you might consider me a combination of a proactive and reactive b:Rare patient. At b:Rare we find your current flight pattern and create a new flight plan for optimum sustained physical, sexual, and cognitive goals. Next, we prescribe proven science-based products that safely monitor and slow down the descent. I want my 70’s and 80’s as great as my 60’s.

The b: Rare experience is a lot more than just a physical journey. Our sexual and cognitive experiences all work together for a balanced complete experience.

b:Rare not only focuses on the male aspect but on women’s as well. Our doctor’s and care providers are comprised of men and women with extensive backgrounds in hormone balancing, sexual wellness, and sense stimulation, and is completely tailored to our female patient’s needs. So, take the flight b:Rare women and try not to leave us men behind!!

Join my b:Rare Team and Challenge yourself 2bReal and 2b:Rare. Take flight!

Jerry Breen, CEO