It’s Simple to b:Rare


New patients choose their gender and complete the b:Rare health evaluation online. This can take less than 15 minutes and allows our doctors to create precision, personalized prescriptions based on each patients symptoms and needs. Our Care Coordinators will contact you within 24 hours and advise each patient of their current status and to help if there are other procedures necessary to complete the prescription.


Creating custom and personalized Hormone Balancing prescriptions requires a true understanding of each patient’s level of health. To accomplish this, a convenient, in-person visit with one of b:Rare’s doctors is necessary. We will draw blood for testing and consult with each patient to completely understand their personal needs and goals.


Each bespoke prescription is sent to one of our compounding pharmacies to be created, discreetly packaged and delivered free to your door within 2 days.


Being a b:Rare patient is a constantly evolving and consistently monitored process. You will be assigned a Personal Care Coordinator that you can contact at anytime by text, phone or email. Your Care Coordinator will also be in contact with you to schedule any appointments, inform you of updates to prescriptions or new products as they become available.

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