Women, Men & Couples

“My wife Brenda and I took the bRare flight now with multiple intimacy nights and successfully using all the products and services. We were sold and joined the team and look forward to helping others have safe bRare Physical and Sexual Journeys.”

-Brenda & Dr. Terry Blay

Women, Men & Couples

“My wife Brenda and I took the b:Rare flight. We’ve now experienced multiple intimacy nights and are successfully using all of the products and services. We’ve joined the team and look forward to helping others on their b:Rare Physical and Sexual Journeys.”

– Brenda Blay, RN & Dr. Terry Blay, Ava Wellness MD

Getting Started

1 | Answer a few medical questions

Just 15 minutes will help us get a great
sense of your medical history, current symptoms, and any of your specific concerns

2 | Visit us in person

Hormone treatments necessitate an in-person visit. During your appointment the doctor will get a deep understanding of your medical history, your desired outcome and will be able to get a blood sample from you for testing

3 | Personalized solution for you

Our compounding pharmacies will receive both your prescription and non-prescription treatment plan directly from the doctor and use them to create your precision medical treatment

4 | Medication is shipped directly to your home

Your b:Rare products will arrive with detailed instructions you will use to take your medicine as prescribed by the doctor

5 | Ongoing monitoring and support

Every six months you will have a follow up with a doctor. In some cases this can be an online consultation and certain situations will require and in-person visit

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HIPAA Compliant, Safe & Private

  • Get Started Online
  • Free Shipping of Products & Medication
  • 100% Doctor Provided and Monitored
  • Follow Up and Monitoring Included
  • Delivered Discreetly To Your Door

Solutions We Provide

We provide medications and supplements based on each individual’s needs. Below are some of our most commonly prescribed products.




Prescription Medication

  • Tadalafil
  • Sildenafil
  • Dopamine
  • Testosterone
  • Progesterone

Nutraceuticals & Supplements

  • Bio-Genesis 2.0
  • Mighty Muscadine Extract
  • Mighty Muscadine Pills
  • Beyond Energy Macuna Drink
  • b:Rare Water

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