We are Drs. Terry and Lori Schroeder owners of Schroeder Center for Healthy Living. We have known Founder & CEO Jerry Breen of b:Rare Health for over 30 years.  We both knew as soon as we were introduced to b:Rare that it was just what we were looking for as far as a couple and a great business opportunity.  Jerry has been successful in many aspects of business and for us, it was a no brainer.

Like millions of others our age, we want quality of life physically, sexually, and cognitively. Lori and I are fully engaged in the b:Rare Couples Experience.  Hormone Balancing, Sex Enhancements including mood & senses, and the all-natural ingredients in the BioGenesis supplements are all a part of the experience.  We have been using BioGenesis for over 10 years and have experienced the mitochondrial and immune system benefits.

Over the past few months, we have experienced multiple b:Rare Couples Intimacy Nights and can honestly say that the b:Rare Experience is awesome. Truthfully, it is like being youthful again. We highly recommend the experience to couples as there are multiple benefits for both the man and the woman.  Lori and I are also passionately committed to helping all b:Rare Team Members anytime!!

Dr. Lori & Dr. Terry Schroeder, Schroeder Center For Healthy Living
Drs. Terry and Brenda Blay have over 50 years of combined experience in Internal Medicine, Hormone Therapy, and Sexual Wellness.  They currently are founders and owners of AVA Wellness Clinics MD.

“We understand aging and what it takes to safely slow down the natural descent when exercise and diet are not enough. With over 10 years of research, we can say, we honestly practice what we preach.

When we were introduced to Jerry Breen and the b:Rare team, we immediately saw and wanted to be part of their edgy fun physical and sexual experience that utilizes cutting edge Telemedicine and the Custom Compounding Pharmacy opportunity.  B:Rare is a great fit for our clinics.

That said, my wife Brenda and I took the b:Rare flight now with multiple intimacy nights and are successfully using all the products and services. We were sold and joined the team and look forward to helping others have safe b:Rare Physical and Sexual Journeys.

Brenda says, ’Women, what also got my attention was b:Rare focuses even more on the female side of things.  Result, we have unique proprietary, safe, evidence based, prescription only products, that really work.

Take the journey, with our b:Rare Women’s Team safely guiding you!”

Brenda Blay & Dr. Terry Blay, Ava Wellness MD

Jerome & Magda Tobin have enjoyed over thirty years together as a couple and, as career professionals in the Silicon Valley Tech Industry.  They both understand the need to constantly maintain a healthy balance between work, family, and each other. 

“It’s never an easy thing maintaining that balance and age is a critical variable that must be factored in.  In our twenties and thirties, following good habits relative to diet and exercise, this was achievable.  Now in our late forties, we have come to recognize the benefits of looking outside the box for alternative ways to outsmart age or at least slow it down.  Our search began about a decade ago with our adoption of many natural botanical remedies that promote healthy skin and mitigate the harmful effects of inflammation.  This coincided with our meeting Jerry Breen and blending our philosophies into what has emerged as b:Rare.

We have since incorporated all the b:Rare products into our regular routine and discovered a profound stimulus in our physical, sexual, and cognitive wellbeing.  The boosts in libido and energy we are experiencing are absolutely phenomenal.  As both recipients of and contributors to the b:Rare experience, we are delighted with the remarkable results and are inspired by the expertise and contributions of the entire b:Rare team”.

Magda & Jeremy Tobin

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