b:Rare for Women

Sexual Health, Increased Desire and Arousal

Lack of desire, physical discomfort and cumbersome treatments are a few of the biggest issues with standard Menopausal treatments. b:Rare physicians partner with each patient to deliver a precision b:Rare Experience personalized for their needs.

Stop “dealing” with Menopause and Start Treating It

Historically, doctors have been reluctant to treat women for Menopausal Symptoms. At b:Rare, our medical team and compounding pharmacists have developed solutions to ease the emotional and physical discomfort of Menopause, so you can get back to the life you remember.

Once-A-Day Topical For Women

No more needles. Once-A-Day topical solution that combines both your Hormone Balancing and Sexual Wellness medicine in one dose. At b:Rare, we understand that one size does NOT fit all. Our compounding pharmacists individually prepare each prescription based on your needs.

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